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FourSight® Innovation Thinking Profile

"An organization that is committed to creative collaboration will ride the wave of the future. They will go beyond the realm of assumptive thinking and welcome the dawn of innovation...because there is nothing more empowering than an idea whose time has come."


Foursight® Innovation Thinking Profile Overview

The FourSight® Innovation Thinking Profile is a leading assessment tool, designed to boost critical and creative problem solving skills in individuals and groups. FourSight® is a highly researched, field-tested and validated assessment that offers individuals, groups and organizations a simple, striking profile of high and low preferences for the four distinct phases of the "personal" innovation process, or your 'innovative potential.' Every person has a unique combination of the following four phases of one's natural innovation process: problem identification (i.e., Clarifier), idea generation (i.e., Ideator), solution development (i.e., Developer), and implementation (i.e., Implementer).

Russell's FourSight® Research

I have been studying and practicing creativity for over 25 years. He attained a Master of Science degree in Innovation and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination (CAI) at SUNY Buffalo State.  As part of the requirements for graduation, I conducted original research on Creative Problem Solving training under the advisement of Dr. Gerard Puccio, Chair and Distinguished Professor at CAI. My thesis, Improving the Understanding of the Impact of Creative Problem Solving Training through an Examination of Individual Differences, utilized Donald Kirkpatrick’s Level One evaluation methodology that examined the participant’s FourSight® preferences and how they responded to a course in Creative Problem Solving. I also studied how these same participants foresaw applying innovative and critical thinking skills, personally and professionally. Dr. Gerard Puccio is also the author of the FourSight®.

The research above led to a peer-reviewed article Russell co-authored with Dr. Gerard Puccio and another colleague titled Reactions to Creative Problem Solving Training: Does Cognitive Style Make a Difference? This article appeared in the September 2004 edition of the Journal of Creative Behavior. Russell's thesis research is also highlighted in the FourSight® Technical Manual and FourSight® Research Supplement under the heading “CPS Training as Viewed through FourSight® Preferences.”

Russell's FourSight® Certification

I attained the Foursight® Advanced Master Facilitator designation in 2003. I work with individuals and teams in a variety of settings to help them unleash their creative potential to deliver innovative outcomes. 

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