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About Russell

“Don’t be afraid to fall in love with something and pursue it with intensity.”

—Dr. E. Paul Torrance

A favorite quote of mine is “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it...Autograph your work with excellence.” This quote has been a cornerstone of my 20-plus year career in Learning and Enablement across a variety of environments. To put it simply: I enjoy what I do, and that is evident in the solutions I produce and implement for my customers.


I'm very passionate about helping people be their best selves and reach their full potential by empowering them to invest in their learning and development, which is critical to their very own personal growth. 


I am a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Learning and Development and Sales Enablement. I am highly adept at 1/ assessing needs and desired outcomes; 2/ designing solutions to meet learning and enablement needs; 3/ developing concepts into workable solutions; 4/ implementing programs; and 5/ measuring program effectiveness through the Philips ROI methodology. I have a proven track record of increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and employee engagement in Cloud Technology, Consulting, Consumer Packaged Goods, Finance and Telecom environments.


My professional ‘superpower’ is a unique expertise in Applied Innovation. I am an expert in leading people and groups to clarify, ideate, develop and implement unique solutions and lead change. I am one of approximately 600 people worldwide with the recognized credential in Innovation and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination at Buffalo State University (State University of New York). This skillset differentiates my Learning & Talent Development and Sales Enablement experience and has been a staple throughout my career.


I earned a Master of Science degree in Innovation and Change Leadership and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Buffalo State University (State University of New York).


My Key Skills & Areas of Expertise include:


  • Adobe (Captivate & Creative Cloud)  

  • Adult Learning 

  • Agile Methodology  

  • Articulate 360 (Rise & Storyline)  

  • Blended Learning  

  • Camtasia  

  • Creative Problem Solving Facilitation & Training  

  • DISC, FourSight®, HBDI®, NeuroColor™ & Valence Assessments

  • eLearning & Microlearning Development 

  • GTM Enablement  

  • Highspot, LMS, Salesforce & Seismic Administration 

  • ILT & Virtual Facilitation  

  • Instructional Design  

  • Measurement & Evaluation  

  • Needs Assessment  

  • Onboarding  

  • Phillips ROI & Learning Measurement  

  • Product Marketing  

  • Program & Project Management  

  • Selling Skills Stakeholder Management  

  • Storytelling  

  • Vendor Management


My LinkedIn profile is a sample of my experience as it relates to both Talent Development and Sales Enablement.

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